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Clash of Clans 5050 Trophies ATTACKED

The game Clash of Clans is a success in the world of the game for smartphone. The player aims to embody the Chief of a clan that must build their village, form an army and conquer the territory of enemies. In addition, is it can play and fight online against real players, create and join clans to dominate opponents and become the most respected. All these elements have been the perfect formula to keep this game in all the tops of downloads after more than two years and a half in the market.
In this article you can find the tips, tricks and basic strategies to find out how to win a Clash of Clans, the game of the moment.
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First step, a good defense
Build your settlements with a good configuration can help you on defense. City Hall must be always in the Center for maximum protection because if the enemy can destroy what you've lost the battle. Collectors should also be in the same area to better protect resources and prevent theft.
Builds walls around the important buildings since many of the enemies shall break them before access to the interior of the building and placed the defenses that cause more damage per second in the Center as: torres of Mages, arcos X or air defenses. In addition, check frequently that defenses defend successfully the buildings through the white circle of influence that appears to touch.
Clans clash: settlements Defendidoscomo get gems
In the Clash of Clans, the gems are used to drastically accelerate construction, improving a building, training of troops, etc. In addition, let you buy some special objects, buy gold or elixir, revive a hero or regain their health.
Starts the game with 500 gems and half is spent during the tutorial. Then, the methods to get gems are as follows:
Buy gems in the Clash of Clans
Spend the money on iTunes or Google Play (not recommended).
With the achievements. Well control your achievements page and follows closely those who believe to achieve soon. It's the best way to get gems and also gives you goals get while playing. The basic achievements give 5 gems once completed and can earn up to 3,000 with the more difficult achievement.
With the obstacles. If you destroy an obstacle to one of your settlements such as a rock or a plant, you gain experience and gems. A method is slower to get them but almost infinite.
Be among the 10 best players of one of the three best clans. It's the most complicated solution but also the most effective. You could expect to earn up to 20,000 gems every two weeks.
Achievements of the Clans Clash how to win trophies in Clash of Clans?
The trophies for this game are the rewards of the battles and to determine which players have a town or a more or less strong army. And how you can win the maximum number of trophies? Simple: attack. But beware, trophies are earned by playing multiplayer games, that can also lose.
An effective but slow to win trophies is find people dedicated solely to the production of resources and attack them with archers and some unit resistant to contact, as the Giants. This strategy will ensure you an easy victory but you will only earn a dozen trophies for victory.
Another possibility is to aim only at adversaries who report at least 25 trophies. But these are more difficult to win. So good advice is winning by Star, i.e. to destroy 50% of the base or the Town Hall. In this way you will always get reward trophies. For this type of attack should be an army with, at least, a barracks of archers and two barbarians.
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In each case, should use troops in intelligent and well managed to keep them in time and multiply the possible attacks. Sometimes, only four or five Archers may be sufficient to destroy a town hall.
Shop Clash of ClansConseguir gold and elixir
To win all the gold and the possible elixir, you can play as aggressive player and concentrate the greater part of the resources in the attacks, i.e. as a "farmer".

The farming is the game mode which concentrates all resources in the improvement of the gold mines, elixir collectors and reserves of gold and elixir. This method allows to earn money quickly but leaves the player vulnerable to attack by the enemies. A risky but that it may be worthwhile in case of not being white of a large number of attackers.
These tips and a good strategy can help you win in your early days of the Clash of Clans. Just one thing to say, to the attack!